Episode Summary Edit

This is the third in the series of proto-, almost-but-not-quite episodes of what would become Real Ghost Stories Online. It was uploaded to YouTube September 17, 2012.

Episode Details Edit

  • The first caller tells a story of seeing what he thinks is his son's hand poke out from beneath the gap at the bottom of a door. He then sees what he thinks is his son's face peer through the same gap; when he goes to investigate, however, he finds his son is asleep in his room. Some days later, his son wakes him up early in the morning, saying that a boy he was playing with punched him in the stomach. When his son lifts his shirt, his father discovers a visible mark on his skin.
  • The second story comes from a man who hears a strange knocking on his wall and begins to investigate around the house--armed with a compound bow. After turning a corner, he sees a strange light orb and fires his bow at it. His disbelieving parents later ground him for shooting arrows into their freezer.
  • The third caller describes waking up at night to the sensation of being choked by invisible hands. Two weeks later, a candle levitates in front of her before flying across the room. She immediately buys a dog for protection from her creepy candles, only to then see her new dog receive invisible belly rubs. When she investigates the house's history, the caller discovers that an elderly woman once died there in a fire.
  • The fourth storyteller recalls how car trouble during a family road trip leads to an unplanned hotel stay. During their stay, members of the family are awoken throughout the night by the shower running, the room temperature plummeting, and the TV blaring at full volume.
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